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Two Asian Languages at Once?

School hasn't even started yet but after a super relaxing summer, I'm a little freaked out. I signed up for Preadvanced Japanese and Beginning Mandarin. I think both are going to be really heavy. It seemed like a good idea at the time because I'm thinking of going to grad school for Japanese history and I've heard that languages are really important. If I don't try this now, where else am I going to learn? But now I'm thinking I might go crazy doing two tough languages at once along with two other classes. My Japanese isn't even that good. What business do I have learning Chinese on top of that?!

FWIW, I could drop one of the languages and still have a full credit load.

So my questions are, have any of you ever done Japanese and Chinese at the same time? Is it doable? Am I going to get the two languages horribly mixed up? What should I be careful of?

Will this really improve my chances of getting into grad school? What if I end up doing badly on both the languages? How will it look if I do one of my languages P/NP?

Am I nuts???

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