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Suggestions for a third language?

I'm currently learning Japanese. Whilst I like it, I would also like to get other languages under my belt-- I'm sure people in a group named "linguaphiles" understand. Once I get a decent proficiency in Japanese, I think I would like to learn something a little closer to home-- or at the very least, sharing this writing system (or an extension thereof). I plan to learn Korean after this, so I'd like something... less related to the Asian languages to break it up.

I wanted to learn Norwegian, but I'm not sure of the usefulness of it or if there'd be enough resources/media to keep me up to speed (and interested, that's the main thing). I mainly wanted to learn it because I love the way it sounds and looks.

I don't want to learn French, German or Spanish because school completely ruined those languages for me. I'm not particularly interested in learning Portugese or Italian because of the similarities.

I'm sure there's someone out there with a suggestion for me. Thank you kindly.

EDIT: Just for reference, I live in the UK-- England.

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