jacki marie murphy (zuisa) wrote in linguaphiles,
jacki marie murphy

help with elusive Chinese character

I like to translate pop music into English for fun, as it feels kind of like studying but way more fun. My Chinese isn't anywhere near fluent, but I usually do alright, especially with the absolutely spectacular electronic dictionary I bought while I was living in China for a few months. Anyway.

I have come across the character "苀", and I cannot find it anywhere. I had to copy & paste it from the song lyrics (which can be found here) as I can't find it in my electronic dictionary dictionary, my paper dictionary, on nciku.com or zhongwen.com.

Googling tells me that it might be háng and mean something to do with a certain type of grass. But that's all I can get. I can find it on my Chinese character input under hang, but it's one of the characters with a little green exclamation point beside it... I don't quite know what that means.

So, what does this character mean, and if it is indeed a weird word for a kind of grass (which I learned here, what is it doing in the phrase "哀苀歌词“?

Thanks for the help!

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