Haz (kapitankraut) wrote in linguaphiles,

Callan Method?

Does anyone here have any experience with the "Callan Method" of teaching English as a second language?
There's a language school that's been advertising for new teachers, and from what I can gather, that's the method they use and would thus train me in if I applied and got the job.

Going on the video behind the cut

it looks to be a very high-speed way of teaching, and I doubt that my qualification in it would be easily transferrable to any other method.
I'm also a bit concerned about the way that the teacher basically force-feeds the answer to the student, with the student just repeating what's being said a lot. I'm no expert on these things, but it feels as though the students aren't exactly learning how to put sentences together so much as they are learning to parrot what they've already been told.

But then again, if any of you clever people out there can assuage my doubts, I'm all ears. I don't want to be thinking myself out of a potential job here!

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