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Regaining Whatever French Fluency I Might Have Had, Pronto

A couple of days ago, I came across a job posting I was interested in on my college's student employment website. The author of the post was looking for a French tutor for a 13-year-old. He wanted someone who was "fluent", had a top score on the SAT subject test, and a 5 on the AP (maybe he doesn't know there are two).

Now, I think most people can agree that "fluent" is a pretty ambiguous term, and I'm not sure I'd apply it to myself, but I meet the other requirements, have further qualifications (other French tests, contests, short time spent in France, related work, related study), and have tutoring and teaching experience, so I figured I'd express interest.

Well, turns out this kid's a genius, has a higher score (as a 13-year-old) on the SAT math than I did (as a high school senior), etc. And while I thought this whole affair would be pretty low-key, interviews for the position are to take place this weekend.

I suspect that the mom or dad speaks some French, or that they're going to bring in someone who does, to speak with the applicants, and, you know, sort of test us. I spent the summer teaching English in Ecuador (can you say hola?), and haven't gotten back to school yet, so I've had no French classes since then to get back into the swing of things - I've tried speaking a little French to myself, and Spanish is *definitely coming out*.

I can't figure out why these people aren't choosing to hire a native speaker (they're specifically looking for an undergrad)... but as far as non-native speaker undergrads go (hehe), I think I'm pretty qualified for this position, and I love French, so I'd really love to get it. BUT I'm really rusty and I'm afraid this interview might be a disaster.

So, long story short, how can I re-immerse myself (in such a short period of time!) back into French, to prepare for this (kind of intense and scary) interview (maybe in French)??

Thank you! D:

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