Connor (fenoxielo524) wrote in linguaphiles,

Decisions, decisions...

So I'm stuck. I have basically a day to decide what language I'm going to take this semester. Since I've already studied Spanish, Latin, Greek, and a little German, I'd like to go for something non-Indo-European. Now, initially I was interested in Hebrew, but my parents have since pointed out to me that it might be a better investment to start myself on a slightly more widespread and useful language which could serve me for post-college pursuits. So, my choices are basically between Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. Obviously all three can be extremely useful given the current state of things. So, I'd love some opinions to help me make my decision. Personal experiences with learning these languages, arguments for the usefulness of one over the others, etc. Anything that can help me, because I could really see myself doing any of the three. Thanks for your help!

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