Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

spanish questions.

there are a few things i've been slightly confused on; any help would be greatly appreciated!

1. in order to say i've just finished something, do i use the present form of the verb 'acabar' and then the infinitive? so 'yo acabo de comer' is i've just finished eating?

2. what is the difference between 'tener ganas de' and 'me gusta, me gustaria' and 'querar' don't they all mean: i want or i desire, have desire?

3. if i want to say 'we'll see each other later' can i say 'nos podemos vernos' or is it just podemos vernos?

4. does 'he estado' roughly translate to 'have been'?

5. what is the difference between 'hacer falta' and 'me hacia mucha falta' is the latter just more intense/expressing more urgency?

6. what does 'me he dado cuenta' mean?

muchas gracias queridos :)

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