la_guiri (la_guiri) wrote in linguaphiles,

Teaching in Spain

I've already written this out and accidently lost it, so this time will be a bit brief:

I'm a student at a US uni, working toward a bachelor's in either Spanish or History (or some combination of the two).  After graduation I really want to live (permanently) in Madrid.  Most people from my school go into big business and the like, but I am much more interested in being a teacher (English or History... not sure, may depend on my final degree decision) for either ESO or Bachillerato.  How do I become qualified to be a teacher in Spain?
From the looks of the wikipedia entry on la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, if I were going there I'd get a "Diplomatura Técnica" as a Foreign language teacher... does that mean that all a teacher needs in Spain is a bachelor's degree and teacher training?
I realize this may not be the best place to ask this, as it's only loosely linked to language, but I thought maybe some of you may have experience teaching ESL, or something like that.

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