the rurer of the worrd. (loudasthesun) wrote in linguaphiles,
the rurer of the worrd.

NBC, others grapple with proper Beijing pronunciation

Don't usually see sports-related articles on linguaphiles, but here's a little article about NBC's (and probably everyone else's) difficulty with pronouncing "Beijing".

The last line about mispronunciations being disrespectful to China and the Chinese is a little far-fetched, but I have to admit I cringe whenever the announcers attempt to pronounce a Chinese athlete's name. I applaud them for trying anyway, given that Chinese is notoriously difficult to pronounce correctly, but a little part of me still dies.

Japanese pronunciation is easier, so the announcers aren't as bad with the Japanese athletes.

Anyone else watching the Olympics shuddering at name mispronunciations? (I don't know the language but Russian names come to mind.)

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