Michael (nebris) wrote in linguaphiles,

A Question About English Gender Usage vis-a-vis Epochal Titles

~I am a native English speaker and well read, but largely a autodidact, and because of that I've fallen into a bit of linguistic hole.

I am presently writing a Steampunk series about an Alternate Universe British Empire. [the curious may look here]

My issue is this; on our time line the epoch of Queen Victoria is called Victorian. I believe, though I am by no means certain, that if said era was ruled by a 'King Victor', it would have been called Victoran.

The most important ruler in my series is Queen Alexandra, very much an 'anti-Victoria', but that is besides the point.

What has me stumped is how to name Alexandra's epoch. Alexandrian is what first came to mind, but, at least to my history driven brain, that evokes the epoch of Alexander The Great.

I did think of using Alexandrein, but...that didn't seem entirely right either.

So, my friends, I turn to you. How to I name an epoch for this queen, whom I've come to adore, that evokes her gender? [and has a 'snappy ring to it', as well]

Edit: I'm going to go with Alexandrian. Many thanks to all of you who commented. Each and everyone was helpful, largely to get me out of what now seems more a writer's 5am brain loop than a serious linguistic issue.

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