Dichroic (dichroic) wrote in linguaphiles,

an expat in Olympics withdrawal - help!

Unfortunately Olympics coverage here in Taiwan has consisted so far of handball, volleyball, and innumerable replays of the opening ceremonies. Not that I mind seeing handball or volleyball, but it's driing me nuts knowing I'm missing rowing, swimming, gymnastics....

Unfortunately they seem to have things rigged so that you can only watch the online coverage from within your own country, so I can't just watch NBC online. The official Beijing site has links for each country's video. For other countries that goes to the actual Olympic coverage (I can see it, just not watch live video). For Taiwan, that just seems to go to the regular Channel 5 site. Even more unfortunately I can't read Chinese, and the site has a ton of links, none of them with any obvious Olympic symbols. Could some kindly soul please take pity on me and tell me if there's something to click to see Olympic video there?

Thanks in advance

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