Calluna V. (callunav) wrote in linguaphiles,
Calluna V.

I'd try this on my own, but I'm at work and annoyed.

Someone who may not be a troll but certainly gives every *appearance* of being a troll has just posted to a community I'm on, their entry in Spanish, but strange - possibly problems with cut and paste. Between my own rudimentary Spanish and babelfish I was able to get the gist of the post, and it's quite inappropriate to the forum.

I could, of course, respond in English, but hey.

However, anything I write in Spanish is going to need a lot of correction. Can anyone here help me out? It doesn't need to be idiomatic for any particular country because I have no idea of the origins of the writer. I even have some suspicions as to whether the poster is the writer, and whether the poster actually uses Spanish. I plan to reply in Spanish and English. My idea is one basically civil response, so that if it's all a misunderstanding we can get it cleared up, and if it is a troll, that too will presumably become more clear.

What is this?
¿Cuál es éste?

Why did you post this here?
¿Por qué usted puso esto aquí?

I don't understand your purpose.
No entiendo su propósito.

Did you write this?
¿Usted escribió esto?

It is written like an article in a professional journal, but it is written badly, and you do not give the author's name.
Se escribe como un artículo en un diario profesional, pero se escribe gravemente, y usted no da el nombre del author.

This is not the place for articles about cures for medical problems. This is a place for people who work in medicine (in the medical industry) to talk with each other about their work.
Esto no es un lugar para los artículos acerca de las curaciones para los problemas médicos. Esto es un lugar para la gente que trabaja en medicina para hablar con uno a sobre su trabajo.

What you have posted looks like spam to me. Please do not put things here which do not belong here.
Qué usted ha fijado parece Spam a mí. No ponga por favor las cosas aquí que no pertenecen aquí.

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