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Fun German resources!

ETA: I've been editing this post off and on all night; there might be some more goodies for you to check out.


I firmly believe that you need to have fun when learning a language. That means watching TV, playing video games, reading books... I'm sure many of you guys agree! ;)

Right now, I'm learning German. One of my favorite new resources? German Nickelodeon!

German Turbo Nick features full-length streaming episodes of German-dubbed Nick shows including Spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life(!), Avatar, Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, and Danny Phantom. (German Spongebob--"Spongebob Schwammkopf"--is hilarious. He sounds like he has a head cold. Also, the German theme is kind of funny. "Alles klar, Kinder?")

I love the dubs' casual language (so different from Pimsleur!). Also, because I'm a kid at heart and I've seen many of these episodes already, I can use my knowledge of the English dialogue to help parse the German translation.

Certainly, watching actual German shows might be better. But watching German Nick is so fun, and practice never hurts. :)

Other resources I've found useful:

-"Schlager" stations on ShoutCAST through Winamp; specifically Radio VHR (this link opens up the station in Winamp)
-looking up German bands' Myspace pages (bands like 2raumwohnung, Münchener Freiheit, and Ich + Ich)
-playing through German translations of SNES RPGs (I've played Terranigma and Chrono Trigger this way; Ayla's speech in Chrono Trigger is wonderfully caveman-like)
-for more "classic" reading practice, this site offers tons of märchen (fairy tales) auf deutsch; they even have the ubiquitous Stuwwelpeter, which is an awesome collection of "naughty little boy and girl" stories; remembering and reciting the poems can help a bit with cadence in speech
^ this story in particular is about a boy who sucks his thumb despite his mother's warnings, and then...
-looking up "deutsch," "auf deutsch," and "folge" for German dubs on Veoh (the German dub of the anime Slayers is quite fun, as is the German dub of Supernatural--"Lauf, Dean, lauf!")
-searching for "german disney" on YouTube (though this brings up such horrors as "Aladin," a low-budget German animation with a fake Iago, a fat Aladdin, and a bevy of grating voices; you can also find the German dub of Pocahontas or Beauty and the Beast or The Emperor's New Groove uploaded in full, though probably not for long... ;)
^ some user pages you might want to check out for German Disney dubs and German musical clips: krochastylemausal, Maucki1988, and Maximi025P (danke, uploaders!)
^^ even better, you can use a YouTube converter to rip audio from the dubs and listen to the vocal tracks at your convenience; omitting the visual also forces you to pay more attention to the actual dialogue (Maximi025P has the German versions of many of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical numbers; you could, say, listen to German CATS while driving down the road!)

These searches/resources can be easily adapted to other languages: my Nick-on-Demand cable service offers Spanish dubs, Nico Nico Douga is ridiculously cool for Japanese videos, and ShoutCAST has the most glorious selection of foreign-language radio stations. Reading Wikipedia articles in your target language is fun and educational. Write to other people on Lang-8! Also, since the Nintendo DS has no region protection, it's great for playing translated games be they in JPN or PAL format. :)

Final note: for all my blathering, leider, my German is still nicht so gut. But, like the venerable Khatz of All Japanese All the Time fame, I believe that immersion (even self-created!) is a key to fluency. So every little bit of pop culture fluff helps!


Does anyone else have any other cool random resources? Any language is good, though I primarily study Japanese, German, and Welsh. ;)

Whew! Hope that was helpful for someone!
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