A Ferocious Urban Panther (poeticalpanther) wrote in linguaphiles,
A Ferocious Urban Panther

Modern Greek

Hello there - I'm back again in my capacity as translations manager for a company here in Waterloo, Canada.

We need a native-like1 speaker of modern Greek and English for a translation job - the initial task is somewhat low-paid, but we have a strong possibility of having ongoing work in the near future for a freelancer. The task is goal-oriented: we need the finished product. We don't care where you do it (I have people working on some tasks from literally around the world, from Angkor Wat to St. Petersburg), or at what time of day, and you certainly don't need to come to Canada, or even phone here. We'll make payment arrangements as you like.

If you think you can manage it, please contact me at: cait (AT) evestech (DOT) com.

1 That is, someone who has used the language as a primary language for living for some period of time (say, more than a couple of years?), and who feels confident in their ability to render English into idiomatic modern Greek.

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