Craiguardo (bidnez) wrote in linguaphiles,

word for part of banana?

Is there no legitimate name for the black bit at the end of the edible part of a banana? By this I mean the little nubbin or whatnot inside at the base of the seedless fruit, peel removed, at the end opposite from where the banana "finger" joins the other "fingers" to form a "hand".

My knowledge of banana morphology is tiny, but in English,
the stringy stuff are phloem bundles,
the edible part is starchy parenchyma,
of course the fruit itself is a berry,
and so forth,
but there's no satisfactory term I can find for the "spike" or "banana pill" at the base of the edible part.

I would be happy to be shown a term outside of English (portmanteau, online, or from a book) that does the job, perhaps from a region where bananas are indigenous, as opposed to only store-bought. A friend suggested fructus fructus pravus, which is clever but inadequate.

I regret that if one is unfamiliar with this fruit (Ltn. Musa acuminata or the hybrid Musa × paradisiaca), my description will be incomprehensible. But it will be immediately recognizable (I hope) for those who have eaten one.

Thanks in advance.

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