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Celtic languages

I've been really interested in Celtic languages lately, and I have a few questions. First off, how much of a difference is there between Irish and Scottish Gaelic/Gallic? (Forgive my ignorance if I'm wrong. I've only just begun to research them.) Also, being a native English speaker and with conversational ability in French, how much of a stretch would it be to try to tackle this? Also, do any of you know of good resources I can use to help me learn?

I don't want to become fluent (yet anyway), I just think it would be a fun and interesting language to study.

[I found out recently that my heritage is German, French, British, and Scottish/Irish (typical American mutt). That's what sparked the interest]

EDIT: Based on a few constructive criticisms, I've made a few revisions to reduce confusion and/or my chances of offending someone.
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