LOLIVER (runawayballista) wrote in linguaphiles,

allo! + discussion question

I'm a new member to this community and I'm thrilled I found it. My name is Oliver and I'm a student of Linguistics at University of New Mexico. English (American) is my native language, but I am a near-fluent speaker of Japanese and a student of Latin for 3+ years.

That being said, I have a discussion question for you all. A couple of my friends and I are, half-jokingly, starting a rock band with songs written chiefly in classical Latin. (We have jokingly called this "Roman rock".) Anyway, I was pondering what the Latin term for rock music would be. I went a bit into the etymology of "rock and roll" and found it to be a multi-layered phrase, so after sifting through the potential meanings, I ended up with the term musica commovens. I wasn't sure if a term had already been coined, though. Has there been? I couldn't find one via Google.

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