Rufio (oracular_rufio) wrote in linguaphiles,

Spanish: Politely asking for fish filets

My sister recently moved to a predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood and wants to be able to make chitchat with her new neighbors and buy things from local stores and whatnot. She knows some Spanish but not a lot, so I've been teaching her how to say things. There's just a couple things I wasn't sure of: Am I correct that she can use tu-forms when talking to her neighbors (who she doesn't really know) since their relationship is more informal? If it's an older person, should she use usted? Also, she wants to buy fish filets from a local store, but saying "quiero x" is too direct. Other than just adding "por favor" on the end of it, is there a better way to politely ask for something in a store? Also, she doesn't know the word for filet, so she would get the whole fish instead. I don't know it either. What is it?

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