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Thank you note

I recently went on a family vacation with my boyfriend, a Spaniard, and his family.  I would like to write his parents a thank you note, but I'm very intimidated at the prospect, because his mother doesn't speak any English, and while my understanding of Spanish is fantastic, my writing is not so great.  

BUT I have two questions before I even begin:

--How should I address his parents?  I asked my boyfriend and he told me to call them by their first names, but I don't really want to do that in a thank you card... it seems rude, to me.  Should I include their apellidos and call them Sr. Se~nora (sorry, not an spanish keyboard)?  Also, should I use tu or usted?  I basically avoided using either the entire trip.... hahaha how much of a loser do I seem to be? 

--Um, does anyone have any suggestions for some good phrases I could throw in to spice it up?

Thanks in advance for the help.  I've just discovered this group and I made a livejournal account JUST so I could join! :D  I currently speak (read: understand) Spanish and I'm learning German (I live in Germany), and this fall I'm hoping to start either Arabic, Portuguese or Catalan. 

EDIT:  I've written out what I think I want to say, in English (keeping it short and sweet).  Could someone be awesome and give me their translation, and I'll work on mine, and hopefully in the end I'll have something presentable?

Also, if someone could help out with the salutation, that would rock.  I'm thinking I may just go with their names like my bf told me to, but NOW I'm not sure of spelling.  His dad's name is Valin, and there may or may not be an accent on the i, does anyone know?  Also, his mom is Yeye... or maybe Yeyes?  It's short for Maria de los Reyes, I know that.

Anyhow, the letter itself:
[queridos yeye{s} y valin? hellllp]

Thank you bery much for the invitation to visit Tershelling with you.  It was very kind of you to bring me on your family vacation, and I had a great time.  I especially enjoyed the long bike ride, with all the sheep!  I hope you are enjoying your summer, in spite of the German weather.  Thank you again for the wonderful trip. 

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