ein_wunderkind (ein_wunderkind) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hi everyone,
I'm a beginner and starting to learn French for the first time, however thanks to the fact that I studied Italian for 5 years and 28% of English vocabulary originates from French I can read fairly long texts with ease.

So I read this really interesting article from Le Monde and I was wondering if someone could help me figure out this construction in one of the paragraphs.

"Une Marocaine de 32 ans, mariée à un Français et mère de trois enfants nés en France, vient de se voir refuser la nationalité au motif qu'elle 'a adopté, au nom d'une pratique radicale de sa religion, un comportement en société incompatible avec les valeurs essentielles de la communauté française, et notamment le principe d'égalité des sexes.'"

I've translated this in my head as "will/is going to be refused French nationality", which I hope is correct.

How does this "se voir + infinitive" thing work though? Can someone explain and give me more examples?

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