Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote in linguaphiles,
Paul Baptist

Looking for potential collaborators

As many of you know from the weekly collaborations I've conducted over the past several weeks, I run the language website LingWiki. Recently I've been trying to find ways to make it a more relevant and useful resource. One way I've been doing that has been developing portals off of the main page to help people interested in focusing on a specific language, such as the one I've established so far for Japanese.

Now, while my Japanese is reasonably good, I'm far from a native speaker. Furthermore, my skill in languages outside of Japanese and English ranges from that of a mere hobbyist to nonexistence. Therefore, in order to diversify the offerings on LingWiki I'm making an effort to pull in contributors from as many different backgrounds as possible.

I know that Linguaphiles has in its ranks speakers of several rich and varied languages, some of which receive comparatively little attention outside of linguistic circles. No language is too insignificant for inclusion here. If the resources aren't in place yet for it, I'll be happy to set things up; what I can't do on my own is provide the knowledge and practical explanations for everything.

If you're not interested in or able to contribute by creating articles or helping to maintain a portal, other great ways to be of assistance would be providing news stories or helping to flesh out an essential words list for the language so that the most common words can be given priority in article creation, helping to facilitate communicative ability for people using LingWiki as a source to learn the target language.

Thanks in advance to all who offer to help!

(A more specific version has been crossposted to several communities, so apologies in advance if this appears a couple of times for some members here!)

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