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Receptive and Productive Skills

Hello again everyone!

At the moment I am sitting in a train. I cannot sleep and won't reach my destination for a few hours, so I thought I would start looking up some references for a paper I will need to write next week. Could anyone recommend any good websites/articles talking about teaching receptive and productive skills to (adult) students? I've got Scrivener waiting for me at home, but I need, and would like, to get a few online sources as well (even if they are Scrivener related). When I google I am just getting short definitions of everything or links to books I can buy. Any links with a more in depth look into things that you could offer would be very much appreciated!! :))

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

PS- Thanks for all the great responses to my "A Pair of Jeans" post. You guys rock!!!!!!!
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