aokugi (aokugi) wrote in linguaphiles,

Modern Hebrew word?

Hello all:

I've got a somewhat random question about what might be an insult in Modern Hebrew.

See, I was at the mall with my grandmother a few years ago, and while passing one of those kiosks that are all over the place, she got suckered into listening to a spiel about some body cream from Dead Sea salts. Then the saleswoman was trying to get us to buy some and my grandmother was hemming and hawwing... and finally the woman says frustratedly, "You are what we call in Hebrew ______."

What goes in the blank up there I remember as sounding like "te-le-va-shev." ('Te' and 'le' rhyming with the 'te' in 'television.')

Anyone know what she might have said? I'm just curious; I randomly remembered it the other day and it's been bugging me. Thanks!

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