Whodunnit? (oh_meow) wrote in linguaphiles,

Trying to track down a certain EFL games book

I have some photocopied sheets of English games in my useful sheets folder, and I've been trying them out, and my class absolutely love them. I want to buy the book, but I have absolutely no idea what book they're from, because the photocopy of the front page has torn off, and the name isn't printed along the edges of any pages. It was published after the 80s, judging by some of the content, and isn't that new. There are so many similar books on Amazon, none with preview pages, that could be the book, so I'm seeing if my description rings any bells with any of you.

There are around 50 games in the book, with cards and game pieces to photocopy at the back. I played one today with my class, which involved half the class being dodgy estate agents, who are trying to flog slightly odd houses to the other half of the class, who are playing characters such as a lion tamer or a deposed king, who have rather specialised needs in a new home. There's other games such as a story-telling domino one, with a choice of sci-fi or fairy tale illustrations; a game where the students are robot salespeople; a game called "yuppies" where everyone tries to outboast each other and lots of detective and guessing games.

Ring any bells with people?


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