Calluna V. (callunav) wrote in linguaphiles,
Calluna V.

My written French is rustier than a rusty thing.

There was a quote which was popular with my crowd when I was in college, which I must have written out at least a dozen times, and yet cannot reconstruct without (I'm sure) a million embarrassing errors now.

As near as I can reconstruct it, the quote went, "A nul âge on ne philosophe plus volontier qu'à vingt ans, et surtout vers quatre heurs du matin."

Can anyone fix it for me - correct accent marks and all? I want to quote it in a post, and I'd prefer not to look stupid.

Extra points if anyone knows whether I'm remembering correctly that the source of the quote was Barthes.

Many thanks. I can still speak French moderately well for expressing my needs (if not my thoughts) and not completely mangling pronunciation, and I can scrape along in reading it, but my audio comprehension is rotten (not practicing) and when I try to write, all those little details that I can slip by in speaking suddenly become important... There's nothing like trying to write in French to make me remember how little I actually know the language.

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