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Polish sharing learning community


I have started (some time ago but did nothing with it) a community for those learning Polish to share the experience. The idea is that people can ask questions, but also just say what they did/what they learnt, or talk about learning Polish in whatever way they want. So if you are learning it by yourself, like I am, there can be some support, or someone who at least has a vague idea what you're talking about if you're complaining about something or excited about something, and having people know that you're learning and a community to post progress reports to can help motivate you too. (of course, you can join if you're not learning it by yourself too).
The community is get_polish_now  .
It is called this because I have tried to learn Polish a million times already, and never got anywhere, so my intention for myself is to really do it this time - "get" as in both acquire and understand, and "now" because it's going to be this time (not next time, or the time after).
Please see the user info of the community for a better description, I seem to be having trouble saying what I want to here, for some reason :)

shall probably cross-post to one of the Polish communities

Please delete if considered off-topic, etc.

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