Mann in den besten Jahren (deniko76) wrote in linguaphiles,
Mann in den besten Jahren

Dear linguaphiles,

Are there situations when you feel embarrassed to speak a foreign language? If yes please tell how do you get over that.

I believe I know English well. I understand English speech with ease when I watch TV, when I listen to audio-books and when I read books.

However I lack practical skills as I have never been to any English speaking country and I never communicated with native speakers for long.

Usually I'm not embarrassed at all when I need to speak English or write in English. I'm pretty sure I make a lot of stylistic mistakes, I sometimes misuse words (especially articles and prepositions), etc. But it's ok as long as I'm understood, I don't usually care about that.

But I have a sister who is 7 years old (I'm 25 years older) and to whom English is native. She visited my city several times and during these visits I understood what it means being ashamed and embarrassed about my language. Most of the time I kept silence and I thought hard before each my word, which made the conversations awful.

How would you overcome such an embarrassment?

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