Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote in linguaphiles,
Paul Baptist

Unicode-compatible Glagolitic fonts?

Bit of an odd request, but hey.

I've been doing some researching on Old Church Slavonic and in the process found out that my catalog of fonts does not cover the Glagolitic block of Unicode code points. Suffice to say it bugs me no end when I know there are characters that won't appear properly, and have gone out of my way to find some obscure stuff before. This one, however, is proving a shade elusive for some reason; I've found a few that looked like hits but don't register at the right code points for some reason.

Figured I'd throw a shot in the dark — does anybody know where to find a (preferably free, though if not then so be it) Glagolitic font that will display correctly?

Also, in trade, I can help with anyone having trouble with Chữ Nôm characters...

(crossposted to fontaddicts)

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