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I'm majoring in German, and have been studying it for over two years now. Sadly, I've graduated the German program at my community college and still have another semester before going to a university, so I'm trying to keep my practice in the mean time.

I decided to attempt reading "Venus im Pelz" (Venus in Furs) in its original language, because its already been something I've really wanted to read for a while, so why not read it how it was meant to be read, right? I've quickly rediscovered how frustrating reading text like this can be, with so many translations per word and not knowing what I poorly translated and what was actually meant to be a metaphor. Plus, I'm comming across words that when I look them up I find I don't know their English equivalent gets so tedious!

I wanted to see if there are any German speakers out there who use instant messenger, preferably aim, who wouldn't mind if I asked them for help in confusing situations. Also, I would like to offer the same help to any students who have studied less German than myself...or even people with similar backgrounds so that we can work together!

Also, I was thinking that there needs to be some sort of Cliff's notes equivalent for those reading in a foreign language they aren't fluent in. It would be nice to have something to reference to when I come across difficult phrases, and possibly even help out with abstract concepts. Has anybody heard of anything like this? Or even better...who wants to start it?

Finally, I wanted to ask if anybody else would be interested in an internet "book club" for reading German texts together...or at the very least, a community specific to reading German literature. I don't know if our internet ties are strong enough to make something like that work. Until I get into a serious university, it seems like I won't be having any exposure to students that dedicated.



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