Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote in linguaphiles,
Paul Baptist

Things NOT to say with your future mother-in-law sitting across the room...

I was doing some work for LingWiki this evening, and wanted to try to add some words that weren't English. My girlfriend is Vietnamese and speaks some of the language, but isn't confident enough in her accent to record. Her French accent, on the other hand, is just about perfect, so I tried to gently persuade her to record a couple French words to help me out a bit.

Well, eventually I told my beloved, "I'd love you if you would just record a couple of these French words for me...", which elicited a prompt snort from her usually quiet mother, sitting across the room doing some business stuff on the family computer.

She seems to have been understanding enough, but it still provided for a fun moment all the same. Figured I'd throw it up here and give y'all a laugh (and if it pulls in some volunteers to record — that much the better!).

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