Calluna V. (callunav) wrote in linguaphiles,
Calluna V.

Online Spanish exercises?

It's not that I can't find anything online, it's that I'm spoiled for choice and totally overwhelmed. I've tried going through site after site looking for specific qualities, and all that happens is that eventually my eyes cross and I fall over.

So I thought I'd ask if anyone here has any recommendations.

First, the context, which is what I always say: I'm a beginning independent learning Spanish student, native speaker of US English. I've been teaching myself mostly using the Learning Spanish Like Crazy audiobook. It has done a startlingly good job, as far as I can judge, of teaching me beginning conversational/spoken Mexican Spanish. I say 'startlingly' because it doesn't explain anything, it just does it, and usually I gravitate toward texts which have clear desciptions/explanations of the grammar/syntax.

However, this means that my ability to read or write Spanish is lagging far, far behind my ability to understand spoken Spanish or, if I'm not overwhelmed by self-consciousness, speak it. (That, too, is still at a beginner level - but for written Spanish, I'm not even a beginner.)

I bought a text to use for written exercises, but the way my life goes at the moment, I almost never have any time to sit down and work through it.

So here is what I'm looking for:

A FREE online beginning Spanish tutorial/lesson-set, which has exercises which can be written in online - not needing to download pages.

Multiple-choice exercises which test one's ability to spell and recognize written words would be ideal. Exercises which require me to type in answers are also fine, as long as I can work out how to do accents on all three of the computers I would likely be using such that the web-application recognized them.

The key things are free, exercise-oriented, focused on reading/writing, entirely online.

Does anyone know of any sites to recommend? I'd be seriously grateful.

(You know, I'm probably going to start taking classes in the fall. And I'm probably going to start with beginner classes, because I haven't learned enough to take anything higher level. So you'd think I could just let it go until then. But I don't WANT to.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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