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Scottish songs

The post about 'Three Craws' got me nostalgic, and since there was a request for a recording of the song I went and found one. At the same time, I found recordings of some of my other favourite songs, so I'm posting them here for everybody's enjoyment!

Three Craws

Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus (A rather polished version that doesn't sound anything like what would come out of your average scottish person's mouth; also has She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain at the end)

This is my favourite. It's The Jeely Piece Song (sometimes called Skyscraper Wean) and is about life in the now demolished high rise Mitchellhill Flats in Castlemilk, where I'm from. 

Coulter's Candy

And an old advert for the Glasgow Underground, which I can't embed.


And breakdown procedure on the Underground in the 1970s; please note the passenger smoking a fag and drinking a can of McEwan's :)

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