amatullah76 (amatullah76) wrote in linguaphiles,

Russian-English Dictionary?

Hello all, hoping someone can help me with this. I work preparing for web publication audio interviews with Holocaust survivors. The interviews are conducted in English, but the interviewees often use foreign phrases, which we transcribe and, if possible, translate. While we have plenty of resources for translating various phrases from Hebrew/German/Polish/Hungarian/Yiddish, and so on, we cannot find a Romanized  Russian-English dictionary. Because we have to transcribe as we hear the phrases we need to be able to look up the words as they would be written in the Roman alphabet. And because we have no way of looking up Russian words, we have to skip them entirely, making for some fairly large gaps in many of our interviews.
We don't have a Russian speaker in the office, and really need to be able to look up these phrases. So if anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd truly appreciate it.
Tags: dictionaries, russian

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