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Introduction - Looking for German/english eng/ger dictionary

Hi! I'm Mexican, um I was interested in learning german before but for some reason I thought french sounded cute and was studying it but dropped it because my sister got me interested in German again because of *ahem* Tokio Hotel haha it's fun to study watching cute guys anyway.
I was wondering if anyone knows of a good ger/eng eng/ger translating software preferably freeware but there's lots of shareware that still works after the trial period ends so that would be fine too.

Here's a list of some I've already tried but didn't work for me:

1.Cute Translator
2.Prolingo Dictionary
3.The New English-Deutsch dictionary

[why they didn't work? details below] in case anyone is interested XD
1. Installed it but some files were missing or something, I can't remember why I wasn't able to use it
2. I tried to download this one three times because the file got "corrupted" ¬¬ and when I finally got it right I
installed it but refused to open T.T (and here I started to think my computer was cursed)
3. I had to download it twice for the same reason as above but luckily it worked fine =D... For just a little over a month u_u and it kept working after the trial period but I don't know what happened that day when I was using it and left it open to go take a shower and while I wasn't there the "search" button got fucked up for some strange reason =S I typed a word but nothing happenned. I've tried everything and it still doesn't work T.T
4.My computer is crap and it said some file was missing from the system or whatever so I couldn't use it.

Yeah it's definitely cursed @_@. It must be on strike because my sister listens to too much Tokio Hotel XD!!

Btw I'm looking for an english/french dictionary too.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND --> WordWeb <-- (tadaaaah!) it's just an english dictionary but I've had it for years, it's freeware and it's awesome! I just love it XD am I a geek for loving dictionaries? @_@ I don't remember where I got it, I can upload it if anyone wants it.


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