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Devenagari Script

Apologies in advance for what may prove to be a really stupid question here...

A friend of mine is starting to learn Hindi, and was waxing lyrical over the Devenagari script, which I know is also the same script used for Sanskrit, a language that I've always wanted to learn. I'm pretty good at European languages but tend to find learning other alphabets challenging (Hebrew and Arabic for example), so wanted to get a good grasp of the writing system first. I know there are teach yourself books out there for Hindi and for Sanskrit, but I found a Teach Yourself Beginner's Hindi Script book which seemed the ideal approach, if it were for Sanskrit.

Given that I want to start with just learning how to write and recognise Devenagari before going into the full language/grammar study of Sanskrit, could I use the Hindi script book to learn the letters or would that just confuse me?

Thanks all.

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