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English help pls!

I have presentation on next Tuesday, i have to write 3 parts. Can you please correct it for me? I mean find any fault and tell me why it's wrong or something like that. Thank you!

With this presentation i have to apply for the Youth Ship in order to pass i have to talk about my personal information, a memorable i've had and one interesting thing about Thailand or my hometown.

Here what i write.

I'm Tawan Uansomeboon or you can call me 'Fon'. I'm 18 years old from Chiang Mai, Thailand, but my hometown is in Bangkok. Now i'm studying in Faculty of Humanities, English department, Chiang Mai University. This is my first year. I love watching T.V., listening to music, reading books, writing stuff, surfing the internet and sometimes making poems in my free time. I interested in sports, books, technology, countries, cultures, internet, poetry, movie, music and lots more. I can speak Thai, English, French and i have some knowledge of Spanish, Italian, German and Greek.

About a memorable experience i've had, at 2 o'clock in one night, me and my mom were sleeping in our warm bed then i heard a sound 'Puck Puck' under the floor. I was frightened and woke up immediately, my mom asked 'What was that?' because she thought that sound was from my aunt but then she realized that my aunt was sleeping in another room. She got up and turned on the light, the sound moved to another place and another place. I was scared and afraid that it was a ghost, my mom went to bed again and she said it was a gecko!

If i could join the Youth Ship, i'd tell the youths from others countries about Baan Tawai. Baan Tawai is the village of wood-carving handicrafts. It has been known as the major cultural attraction of Chiang Mai for Thai and foreign tourists. The best quslity and bargains of wood carving items can be found here. In my opinion, i think every tourist who comes here love to buy something local back so why don't you come and visit Baan Tawai? You will see many handicrafts stuff, from little to big, you will find there. I visited there many times and i always got something back home. It's so interesting place!


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