&; alicia (tsuyogari) wrote in linguaphiles,
&; alicia

Japanese-Korean link research

I recently became really interested in the debate of the link between Japanese and Korean (and by shaky extension, the Altaic languages). I'm thinking of doing research on the topic, but I'd like to read up on it more before I narrow things down. Does anyone have some good reading recommendations/starting points for:

* Proto-Altaic
* Proto-Koreo-Japonic
* Sprachbund
* Buyeo-Goguryeo languages
* Tungusic branch (I need a lot on this!!)

My university's research database doesn't have too much to offer, so I'm looking for other academic journals/books/etc. I'm of course looking for things beyond the citations on the Wiki pages. If the materials are online, I would love both Korean and Japanese sources. Any help at all is very much appreciated!

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