summer (rumball107) wrote in linguaphiles,

"Give Me Heppiness": a found sketchbook.

I found a discarded sketchbook outside of a dumpster at the University of Delaware about two weeks ago.  It was in pristine condition from the outside, so I assumed it was new and I nabbed it for myself.  A few days later, I realized that the first dozen pages or so had already been drawn in...and the sketches told a depressing story with both pictures and with broken, misspelled English.  (The first page features a drawing a girl and the text "Give Me Heppiness"). 

I just posted the entire thing over at found_magazine, if you want to take a peek.  Here's where the Linguaphiles crew comes in: two of the pages are written in a language that I cannot identify.  Does anyone know what language it is, & can someone provide a translation?

So mysterious, and sad.

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