Mann in den besten Jahren (deniko76) wrote in linguaphiles,
Mann in den besten Jahren

Verwirrung der Gefühle

I hope this little story of my linguistic confusion is not a complete offtopic here

Yesterday I was reading a book on German Grammar.
The topic was Cases after German verbs. An example of two accusatives after a verb was:
er nennte mich einen Dummkopf, meaning "he called me a fool", where mich (me) is the first accusative, einen Dummkopf (a fool) is the second one.

The authors commented this sentence as follows: the second accusative here is technically a complement. Of course after someone in a serious book on grammar called me einen Dummkopf I was einen Dummkopf enough to understand the comment as the second accusative here is technically a compliment. This idea stroke my mind with immense power. Yeah, German is really weird. Maybe I should write a continuation to Mark Twain's The Awful German Language on the way German people compliment each other (btw if you didn't read this great story please do, it's great!).

But my excitement didn't last long. I suddenly realized that a complement is not a compliment. Too bad.

So guys always pay attention to those little letters inside the words :)

And for REAL fans of language, for real linguaphiles: you could read the same story of my shameful confusion written in Ukrainian.

Could anyone give me a link to a story (probably the author is also Mark Twain) in which they tried to convince us that only the first and the last ltteres of wodrs were imoptrant and all the rest colud be mxied up? We don't pay too much attneiton to tehm anyawy. :)

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