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Which language should I use?

Hello all!

In about a week and a half I will be heading to Croatia for the first time. I plan on learning a few simple phrases in Croatian before I head over, the typical "thank you" and "you're welcome" kind of stuff, but aside from any phrases like that when I get there I will be rather clueless when it comes to the language of the locals.

The only languages that I speak absolutely fluently are English and German, and I was wondering which would be the best to start using if I am anywhere and need to ask a question, or if anyone randomly talks to me. I also need to write an Email today or tomorrow to the hostel I will be staying at about their airport transportation and need to know what would be the best language to write that in.

Oh yeah! I will be in Dubrovnik...that may have an effect on which language would be better.

For writing the Email, English and German would be my only option, but when talking I could definitely pull of some Russian (very little, but some nonetheless)...I know that Croation is Slavic and all, but from what I have seen it looks to be quite far from Russian, am I right?
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