the_panic_light (the_panic_light) wrote in linguaphiles,

Software that learns words?

Hi guys,

Having had a look through all the tags, and a substantial number of posts on this community, I've been unable to find what I'm looking for. It was something someone posted, and I can't even remember when it was posted, but basically what it was, someone had either downloaded some software or found a website that, when you typed "to" it, it would respond, and as you went along it would learn the words you typed, and respond to you in a grammatically correct manner using words it had learned from you, until not long after you find yourself having a reasonably sensical conversation with it. Kind of like one of those old programs you could add to your MSN or AIM, and "talk" to it, only more intelligent, and it learns and reacts to what you say.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm on about? I wanted to try it out at the time but I was at work, and then I forgot...please let me know! :)

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