Mann in den besten Jahren (deniko76) wrote in linguaphiles,
Mann in den besten Jahren

Français de vache espagnole

Chers amis!

I've got a question to native speakers of French.

As far as I remember from my school French lessons, the phrase "Je veux lui envoyer l'argent" could mean both "I want to send him the money" and "I want to send her the money". If it's not understood from the context whether you send the money to him or to her you could say "Je veux envoyer l'argent à lui" ( him) or "Je veux envoyer l'argent à elle" ( her).

A friend of mine who knows French much better than me says that the form "Je veux envoyer l'argent à elle" is obsolete and that I would never hear it in contemporary French. Is that really so?

Merci d'avance.

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