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Japanese Translation

I have a Japanese translation request (two, actually). I only have the romaji. It's from an anime (I know, I know...) which apparently wasn't really popular here, because most fan sites don't have a translation for it, which tells me two things: it didn't get exposure to people who really knew Japanese (likely given the scenario..) or that it for some reason is unrenderable/not really Japanese. The other part is separate from this but from the same anime, and it's some sort of meditative chant that I'm not sure if it has an actual translation. But any help would be very cool! Thanks.

Makimizunara toku, haruka kimi ga tame
Natsumamu wagare o zo, fushishinobu
Hikarisaku aki, hotoshu ni seshi
Ooyuki yamano moreshi fuyu
Sora no nagare ni shin mo kogaretsutsu.

And this (note that the Jin, Gi, Rei, Shin, Chi are from Bushido. I think this is Japanese but maybe not):

Ga su Jinsu
Reke hongan zo;
Jin ze nu
Reke Jin so za;
Gi ze nu
Reke Gi so ze;
Rei ze nu
Regur Rei so za;
Chi ze nu
Reke Chi so ze;
Shin ze nu
Reke Shin so za;

Thanks again!

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