novenarik (novenarik) wrote in linguaphiles,

It is too!

This is one of those phrases that I guess I've never really looked at objectively, until transcribing my friend's daughter (3 yrs old) this afternoon. In response to her father's "No, it isn't" she countered "it is too."

Now, when I got to that part it took me a minute to "figure out" which to/too was at play here. I'm settled with 'too' and I am aware that we are looking at a juvenile phrasing here and not standard English.

So I guess my question is what is going on in this sentence? Because I know this is a common phrasing, but looking at it, it doesn't really make sense, nevertheless it feels intuitively correct. Is it as simple as a simple swapping 'too' for 'so' across the board?

Consider from a toddler's perspective:

"it is so cold" : "it is too cold" :: "it is not -- it is so" : "it is not -- it is too"

I hope this is making sense. I feel like I am following a mental moebius strip in trying to get this into words.

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