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Chinese Names, Hanzi Practice

Item the first: I'm trying to find Chinese names for my American family members, and I'm out of touch with any Mandarin-speaking friends I might ask. Can anyone help me? I know it's hard to give a name to someone you don't know, but if anyone knows common Chinese names used to "translate" these English names, that would be great. My Chinese name is 费冰清, so my family name will be 费 (fei4). The names I need are:

  1. Aileen (pronounced the same as "Eileen"), my younger sister
  2. Pam, my mother
  3. Michael or Mike, my father
  4. Wiley, my girlfriend

Item the second: I think someone posted (or commented on a post) here recently about some great printable hanzi practice sheets online. I've looked back through the "chinese"-tagged entries and can't find it. Anyone know what I'm looking for, or know of a good place online to get hanzi practice sheets? Thanks!
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