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Historical Mongolian name

I came across this name in a list of historical Mongolian given names: Dzulgetii. The Wikipedia article on the Mongol bow says this about him:
Another example is given in the historic novel "Khökh Sudar" written by Injinashi, the Mongolian philosopher, historian and writer: he describes the competition amongst all Mongolian civil military men in about 1194-1195. Dzulgetii, a 16-year-old man from Dzurgen Aimag (province), and 4 other archers each hit the target three times from a distance of 500 bows (1 bow = at least 1 metre).
I think that this name might not be using the modern transliteration system, but I'm not sure. I'm curious about whether or not it actually is, and if not, what other possible spellings might be.

I've tried to google, but it's too obscure--the only results I get for "dzulgetii" are variations of the above. Guessing at alternate spellings has led me nowhere.

It's a long shot, but does anyone know?
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