Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote in linguaphiles,
Smilin' Strange

Language majour

Finally, after 10 billion years of studying all alone, I am going to school this fall for Japanese and German. I wanted to sign up for French, too, but the counselor I spoke with was strongly against it, as it's my first semester at a community college (trade school before this, which left very little room for actual brain function or even homework).

I think I can handle Japanese and German, and in the following semester, J2 and G2... they're far too different to be a confusing combination to learn at the same time, I think. But anyway, my question is how hard would it be to throw in French? Eventually, I want to transfer over to University of Rochester as a language majour, and I'll be tempted by many more languages all at once.

So, is it extraordinarily difficult to learn more than one language at a time? Wait, I know it's all a matter of one's own brain, but I mean in general... what are the most basic difficulties I'll face by cramming?

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