Aisha (A Pi) (nerd4live) wrote in linguaphiles,
Aisha (A Pi)

Bad Luck

"Bad luck" can be said in a variety of ways in Italian. Aside from "sfortuna" and "cattiva sorte", I found:

- Sfiga
- Scalogna
- Iella
- Iattura

I'm sure at least 1 of these is barely used (note that I know very little Italian), but they all exist and, as far as I can tell, they aren't mere negations of "luck" or "good luck".

Then there is a noun and an adjective associated with avoiding bad luck, respectively:

- Scaramanzia
- Apotropaico

Are there independent words for "bad luck" or "avoiding back luck" in other languages? Or words for "bad luck" that can also mean something else entirely?
(Is any other language so obsessed with bad luck??)

Any comments about the words I've listed above are also welcome.

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