Tally (waywardvgirl) wrote in linguaphiles,

Advanced French Textbooks

Question about text books/ learning books for French. I'm finishing my third year of french in about 2 weeks and then when school starts again in the fall, I'm going to be taking AP French (equivalent of first year college french).

I have a lot of confidence in my ability to understand/write/read french and I want to get ahead in the summer. So I was looking for some advanced french text books or foreign language books about french but for either an intermediate or advanced learner.

I've found Grammaire Progressive du Francais / Niveau Avance on Amazon, but so far no other books.
So, my question is: Has anyone used Grammaire Progressive du Francais / Niveau Avance and it is good? Or can anyone suggest another book that may be helpful?

Thank you in advance!
Tags: french, learning languages

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