Libby (invinciblend) wrote in linguaphiles,

Even If

Haven't noticed that many Indonesian posts around language communities, but could any of you help me on this point?

In Indonesian, I have been having trouble with translating the phrase 'even if'. Dictionaries consistently say sungguhpun and sekalipun, but my (native Indonesian) teacher tells me it is bahkan jika/kalau. A dictionary can often provide the wrong sense of a word and sometimes my teacher will not quite understand my intended meaning.

Also - does an 'even if' phrase require any extra words to clarify it? (Sorry if that's unclear.)

Which sentence would then be most correct? Bad example setence aside.

Bahkan jika kami diizinkan pergi, saya tidak bisa.
Sungguhpun kami diizinkan pergi, saya tidak bisa.
Sekalipun kami diizinkan pergi, (??) saya tidak bisa.

... or something else entirely?

If there are any Malay speakers, how would you phrase this?

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